Thursday 31 October

Ingrid Kristensen Bjørnaali
Forming a memory of the present in the present itself
Open for uploads and views until it closes on Thursday 31st at 13:13
A website functioning as an online time capsule with jpeg and youtube linked content only. With contributions from you + people in Oslo who find a QR-code or link and decides to take part. A letter to the future containing glimpses of news affecting us in 2019; fake or real, science or pseudoscience, utopic, dystopic, vlog, blog, alarming news, cucumber news ++
Upload directly to:
The website will close Thursday the 31st of October, hiding the content, with a countdown element in its stead. Expiry date; 31st of october 2020
Helle Lidskog
Sofienbergparken minigjenbruksstasjon (recycling station)
A selection of books will be taken care of during the week. It will probably involve a lot of hard work and a lot of emotions. One suggestion is to make three types of piles, one yes-pile, one no-pile and one maybe-pile. If there are any problems with making decisions for the last pile, one can just try to put everything in a bag and put in a place where it can’t be seen and wait for a few months. After doing this procedure individually, we can collectively ask ourselves if we missed anything. Because if we didn’t miss the items during this time, will we miss them in the future?

Yu Shuk Pui Bobby
Seven Surnames Rice
7 private apartments at Oslo, followed by rice-sharing in KHiO canteen at 15:00
Seeking seven warm-hearted neighbors to give their homely rice to the artist, as a function of estimating the disaster.
Hanne Nilsen Nygård
Noe ekte / Something real
KHiO, Scene 2
Men lydopptaket, fikk meg til å føle noe. Jeg kjente det i kroppen, i magen, i ryggraden, i brystet. Der kjente jeg det, som en vibrering på en bestemt frekvens. Som en slags dypere fornemmelse av noe.

Noe ekte er en monolog, fremført på en scene, hvor ideen og fornemmelsen av noe ekte diskuteres. /
Something real
is a monologue, performed on a stage, discussing the sense and the idea of something real.
Rickard Aall
Whatever (Superhop)
Junction of Trondheimsveien & Herslebs gate
subsummation / aggrandizing the ordinary, romanticizing the banal, turning all into popular heroes / imperatives of category, affirmations of community, surface relations of proximity / zone of possible forms indistinguishable / in common there, sooner or later the tanks will appear / being such that it always matter, such as it is / so-what / whatever / mutating at the edge, becoming other / singularity / potentiality / this jacket is a symbol of my individuality

Whatever (Superhop) is a cinematographic performance and screening event, broadcasted live on the world wide web, simultaneously staged for an audience in proximity to the scene of the act.
Kier Cooke Sandvik
it took the night to believe
Egnehjemveien 33 Buss 34 and 74 to ryenbergveien Meet by the bust on a plinth
perverted within a viewing standing alone it took the night to believe the beacon lingers come to grasp
Come to my garden on halloween.

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