Wednesday 30 October

Mikkel Carlsen

Natural History Museum in Oslo
At a certain point in week 44 this November a situation involving a florescent light at the Natural History Museum in Oslo started. The far-from-world-altering event might still to this day be fluctuating between states of undying and lifelessness. It might even be that this unstably frozen point in time has not even come to fruition yet. Maybe just knowing is enough. So that by the time you read this, the flux might already be well-established, through your partial knowing and unknowing of what lies beyond these lines, and through this aligning itself with our state of mundanity, so that it can seep out into our world, and be part of an even larger idea, feeding on the nonsense of our everyday.
Ouroboros was here
Jørgen Herleiksplass Lie
in itself/ of itself
NEW TIME 13:30
Sognsvann bathing spot.
Meet at Sognsvann Subway Station
There is one specific postcard from Oslo that dates back to 1975. The motive on the front is from a summers day at Sognsvann in Oslo, on the back she writes that they long for days like these.
Benedicte Sundkvist Beldam

Nedre Blanksjø, just by the sculpture Ta på Oslos balansepunkt av Jon Gundersen
Something with stars turning. Something with pine cones falling. Perhaps an astrological reading.
Montserrat Llampallas
Huk Badeplass Buss 30 Bygdøy via Bygdøynes til Huk (find the pier right across the very small hill at the bottom of the beach)
from belly button to belly button It is a gesture that relies on trust. It is a meeting happening at both ends of the Atlantic Ocean joined by the Gulf Stream. Ubiquitous site(ing) and deep listening. It is a meeting. Here and there – and no place at all and all places at once. Communication embedded to the land. from belly button to belly button
Eirik Melstrøm
The Need To Tell You (Arecibo Revisited)
Wed, October 30th, 18.30-19.00
Fri, November 1st, 17.30-18.00
RadioNova DAB (Oslo Student Radio)
What happens when a thought is turned into language, given shape by becoming text, image, music, just to be morphed once again into zeroes and ones and squeezed through space, traveling vast distances in an instant? How far do we reach? How can we possibly tell an unknown receiver far away anything at all? Still there is a need to tell you. A sound piece based on an updated version of the so-called Arecibo Message. Performed by Eirin Øgård Kinn. Recorded at Skarmyra Allaktivitetshus, Moss. Broadcast twice during week 44 by the Oslo based student radio station RadioNova.

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